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“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love".
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Attacks on churches are cowardly

India is a country of "unity in diversity" where harmony is the basis of its integrity and solidarity. Therefore, friendly contact among followers of different religious-communities, sects and sub-sects is necessary and not clashes among them. 

Religious harmony is possible if the followers of one religious-community, sect or sub-sect pay due respect towards others’ faith and vice versa. Showing superiority of one’s own faith over another is most dangerous for a country like India.

Furthermore, attacking places of worship of a particular religious-community or killing innocent people by allegedly tempting them into conversion is not the tradition of India.

Those who make such attempts under the cover of their own religious-community misunderstand their religion and draw a wrong conclusion from the teachings of great founders of their religious-communities. Moreover, they do not follow the true Indian way.

The recent violent attacks on churches and killing of Christians in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa are acts of cowardice and have nothing to do with the Vedic-Hindu view of life. In fact, Hinduism stands for forbearance and tolerance, the two chief supplementary values of Ahimsa or non-violence. Therefore, any such practice in the name of protecting Hinduism cannot be justified. Rather, such acts are regrettable and condemnable.

Like others, Christianity has also contributed towards strengthening the Indian way. Through love and service, the two chief values of Christianity, great Christians like Sister Alphonsa and Mother Teresa, without any religious, gender, creed, colour or caste-based discrimination, rendered great service to the nation. Their services are matchless and we are proud of them.
Following a particular religious-community is a matter of one’s own choice. So is conversion. Moreover, it is the sense of self-purification. It is self-realization. Therefore, not a single person with constructive approach can oppose conversion based upon one’s own will. Conversion is dangerous only if it becomes a business. 

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